Dating Safety Tips: Planning, Transportation, Chat line Numbers

Dating Safety Tips: Planning, Transportation, Chat line Numbers and other Alternatives

For women, dating can be a fun but stressful experience. Meeting someone new can be exciting but there are sometimes risks when venturing outside to meet a new person. Questions like: Is this person safe? Will the place be safe? Will anything happen to me? Are things that occasionally pop into a woman’s mind while planning for the date. But thoughtful planning and preparation, along with taking some precautions, are the keys to safe dating and putting your worries at ease. From getting to know the person first, whether through online dating means such as dating apps, chat line numbers to social apps, to planning your own transportation, timing of meeting, to carrying personal protection, we take a look at the various steps a woman or anyone gender can take into their own hands!

The following safety tips are things to be mindful of to help make the dating experience safe:


  1. Dating Sites and Chat Line Numbers: Using a dating site like POF or dating chat line numbers from a chat service will allow you time to get to know the person, interact with them, see how they come off and how their vibe is. Sites like POF and Match have been around for awhile and is a good place to start. But if you value privacy at the highest level, then a chat line service will let you be completely anonymous where you don’t have to even share your own image or any type of detail if you do not wish.


  1. Planning the Place, Time and Surroundings: It’s best to choose a place that is very public, a lot of people will be around in case you need help, such as a popular strip mall, bustling entertainment venue, restaurant, or even an outdoor hiking group. Ensure it takes place during a time that a lot of people Will be around, such as lunchtime during the day at a restaurant, or a bustling diner at night both inside and out in the parking lot where there is plenty of light in the surroundings.


  1. Transportation: Always drive yourself or use your own mode of transportation such as Taxi, Bus, Uber/Lyft for example. You never want a stranger to pick you up or be dependent on someone else. Have an exit plan to drive or transport yourself back home after the date is finished or if it ends prematurely. Reliable transportation such Taxi/Uber/Lyft is a bit costlier but tends to be quick. Public transportation such as buses can take longer so keep in mind that you will have to wait around for awhile, something to think about if the date goes bad for whatever reason.


  1. Carry Personal Protection: Pepper Stray is definitely a must, while a stun gun or scissors are also alternatives. An electric stun gun is legal in many states, but some are not, so check in your locality if it is allowed. A scissor or an everyday object that can be used as a self defense instrument is another alternative, and while violence is never advocated, a personal should be prepared to know how to use what they are carrying to its full effectiveness for self-protection.


  1. Inform a Friend or Family Member: Inform a friend or family member by text or phone call where you will be and when and ensure your friend or family member can always get ahold of you to also confirm. Text/Call the friend or family member as you leave, arrive and depart with your date as seen fit.


  1. Group Setting: You don’t always have to meet a new person alone, planning a meet with a local group such as a hiking group or foodie group is also a good alternative. You will be with people you are familiar with so you are already comfortable, and hopefully people in the group are considerate so will look after you and each other as well!


  1. Trust Your Gut: If at any time during your exchange with this person, whether it’s the first time texting them, talking to them on the phone, to meeting them in person, or continued meetings, if anything seems off or wrong, then break it off. Don’t ever, ever be afraid or feel obligated to continue communicating with the person, to go through with a date, to finish off the date, or keep meeting. Pressure is never good to feel and don’t think that way, your life and safety is of utmost importance so treat it as such. Don’t ever hesitate to break it off with the other person no matter how you think they would feel, after all, you don’t know who they are or what they’ve done. Your safety comes first.


  1. Protect Your Drink and Food: Spiking drinks is very common in night clubs or parties, but leaving your drink in a restaurant or coffee house can also happen, so don’t ever leave it unattended or out of your sight because things like that can happen anywhere. It could even happen to your food too if you are both going to eat, so be careful of that as well.



  1. Search Him/Them Online: Doing a Google search to find a person online, such as their social media profiles on facebook, linkedin or articles about them can tell you a little about this person, and if the facts about what they give you check out. While we don’t encourage stalking, we do want you to make sure you have an idea of this person, if the information they have given you about themselves match up, along the lines of truthfulness, or if they’ve been convicted of a crime, and things of that nature.


Taking the steps above will help with the planning and safety of your next date, limiting the risk and help making you comfortable and more safe. It’s hard to cover every scenario, but common sense can go a long way in any situation. If there are more tips any readers would like to submit, please feel free to do so and we will definitely evaluate posting it!