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Breastfeeding Advocacy and State Laws (The Boob Group Blog)

Breastfeeding Advocacy and State Laws

Breastfeeding needs to be normalized in our society and without proper protection by our state, we ma never get to that place.

My Baby Nurses All the Time, The Boob Group Blog

My Baby Nurses All of the Time

I can’t remember who, told me that if I felt like I was breastfeeding all of the time I was probably doing it right. While my breast feeding journey wasn’t quite as straight forward as most, I kept this in mind once we finally were able to start breast feeding.

Distracted Breastfeeding, The Boob Group Blog

Distracted Breastfeeding

Hooked on my smartphone while nursing. I found myself distracted breastfeeding. A realization that I need to put the phone away.

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Juno Blu Breast Pump Bag

Juno Blu Breast Pump Bag

This line of fashion forward handbags for carrying the breast pump is designed for the Unsung Hero, MOM!

Rumina Tank Review

Rumina Hands-Free Pump & Nurse Tank

Rumina’s all-in-one hands-free pumping bra and nursing tanks are ideal for layering under blouses and shirts to quickly and discreetly pump and nurse anytime.

Nurse Purse, Product Review

Nurse Purse

With room to carry a pump, cooler, laptop and more, the Nurse Purse truly is a better breast pump bag.

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Do you have a breastfeeding question? Ask the Experts! Call our voicemail at (619) 866-4775 and leave us a message, or send us an email. Choose which expert you want to answer your question, and we'll post the answer in an upcoming episode!

Danny Singley, Expert
Danny Singley

Psychologist, Dads

Leigh-Ann Webster, The Boob Group Expert
Leigh-Ann Webster

Fitness and Nutrition

Gerri Ryan, The Boob Group Expert
Gerri Ryan


Veronica Tingzon, Expert
Veronica Tingzon


Rosemary Mason, The Boob Group Expert
Rosemary Mason

Postpartum Doula

Yvonne Rothermel, Expert
Yvonne Rothermel

Depression and Loss

Joanna Clark, Expert
Joanna Clark

Baby Sleep

Jennifer Schere, The Boob Group Expert
Jennifer Schere

Psychologist, Moms

Rose deVigne Jackiewicz, The Boob Group Expert
Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz


Lindsay Stenovec, Expert
Lindsay Stenovec


Nancy Cohen, Expert
Nancy Cohen

Behavior Specialist

Scott Koenig

Family Psychologist