Judgment-Free Breastfeeding

WHO Code Policy

New Mommy Media will only advertise and promote companies that are meeting their obligations under the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and subsequent relevant World Health Assembly resolutions (WHO Code).  New Mommy Media has sole discretion to determine which of its advertisers is meeting its WHO Code obligations,  and our decision is final.  We understand that the business world changes rapidly.  If a company changes its product line or marketing such that it is no longer meetings is WHO Code obligations, New Mommy Media reserves the right to suspend or cancel any existing advertising or promotion and to remove advertisements or promotions from previously recorded material.

International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (WHO Code)

The aim of this Code is to contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants, by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding, and by ensuring the proper use of breast-milk substitutes, when these are necessary, on the basis of adequate information and through appropriate marketing and distribution.

The Code applies to the marketing, and practices related thereto, of the following products: breast-milk substitutes, including infant formula; other milk products, foods and beverages, including bottlefed complementary foods, when marketed or otherwise represented to be suitable, with or without modification, for use as a partial or total replacement of breast milk; feeding bottles and teats. It also applies to their quality and availability, and to information concerning their use.