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Secretly Pumping at Work

Secretly Pumping at Work, The Boob Group Blog

Do you let your colleagues know when you are pumping milk?

There is just something about walking around a cubicle farm in the middle of the afternoon toting a backpack that immediately arouses suspicion, it seems. I’ve caught people glancing at their watches at the sight of me, some have even said good-bye, all assuming that I’m knocking off for the evening.

The situation is even worse if you’re returning to your desk mid-morning with that now suspect backpack and a bottle of water. If your colleagues didn’t see you toiling at your desk prior to your lactation break, they conclude that you are keeping banker’s hours, and adjust their facial expressions accordingly. (more…)

Nursing On Demand While Working From Home

Nursing on Demand While Working From Home, The Boob Group Blog

Well I am trying to write this post before my little girl wakes up! I find it seemingly impossible to take care of her needs at the drop of a hat, work on my direct sales business, take care of household chores, shop and feed my family, and get a shower all in one day.

It definitely takes some fine tuning to get any type of routine or pattern. I find my best time for getting most of my hands-on work accomplished, like writing out notecards, preparing makeup samples, trying the product and recording video tutorials, is after my little nugget has gone to bed. But that is the also when I finally get to relax from the hustle and bustle of the day, so some nights, I just put my feet up and have a bit of chocolate with my tea while watching the latest prime-time reality show. Ah, the life! (more…)

Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

Becoming a Stay At Home Mom, The Boob Group Blog

I have been in the same career field since 1999.  I knew eventually I’d want children and would like to stay at home with them, but after thirteen years working to build a career, finally buying a house, a car, and a being accustomed relaxed financial lifestyle, I was unsure if this would ever be an option.  I was unsure how I would fare as a stay at home mom.  My identity had become so intertwined with what I did to earn money.  My friends, my social activities, my headaches, my achievements were all intertwined with my career. (more…)

Beat Stress When Pumping At Work

Beat Stress While Pumping at Work, The Boob Group Blog

Returning to work and leaving your little nursling behind can be a very challenging experience in itself.  Add having to balance work and pumping breaks and it tends to make every working mom who breastfeeds extra anxious.  How does that stress affect breastfeeding and what can we do to rise above and continue producing that liquid gold for our babies?  I’m here to help you figure it out.

I initially returned to work after 12 weeks, which is a very common time for moms in the US to return to work as most moms return between 6-12 weeks postpartum.  Since my MiL was caring for my son I was able to go home during lunch time for a quick nursing session but I had to continue pumping throughout the rest of the day. (more…)

Breastfeeding Expectations: The Ninth Month

Breastfeeding Expectations Series, The Boob Group

We continue our series, Breastfeeding Expectations, where we follow three breastfeeding moms through the children’s first year of life. At nine months, what does their breastfeeding relationship look like? What is reverse cycling and how is it impacting one of our panelists? Plus, the challenge of keeping up your milk supply and maintaining a full-time job. (more…)