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Breastfeeding Vegan

Breastfeeding Vegan, The Boob Group Blog

Some manners of eating garner more raised eyebrows than most. When I ventured into the land of veganism four years ago, I learned exactly how far up their foreheads peoples’ eyebrows could go.  My then five-year-old had just been diagnosed with a dairy and egg allergy. The story is a long one, so let’s just say that my family and I ended up vegan at the end of it.

In October of 2013, our miracle baby was born and our breastfeeding journey began.

I had grown a healthy little girl as a vegan and I knew I wanted to continue to do so while breastfeeding.  Fortunately, being a vegan and nursing a healthy baby are completely compatible!  But just like any manner of eating, you need to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need for optimum health. Technically I could drink a diet pop, eat some spaghetti, potato chips and Oreos and still adhere to a vegan diet. Not exactly the epitome health, right? Veganism isn’t synonymous with health, so effort still must be made to eat right. (more…)

Vitamin D and the Breastfed Baby

Breastfeeding and Vitamin D, The Boob Group

If Breast Milk is the most perfect nutrition for your growing baby, then why are exclusively breastfed babies encouraged to supplement with Vitamin D? Is this recommendation really warranted? How much Vitamin D is good for both mom and baby? And what options do you have when it comes to how you supplement your child?

BONUS CONTENT: Do the changes in seasons impact the amount of Vitamin D your baby is getting?  (more…)

Nutrition Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

Nutrition Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

We know proper nutrition is important for breastfeeding moms, but what exactly does a well-balanced diet look like? What specifically should we be looking for or avoiding in our food? And what effect does this have on our milk supply and keeping a postpartum mom healthy? (more…)

Vitamin Supplements for the Breastfed Baby


Breast milk alone may not provide all the vitamins a growing baby needs. Sometimes pediatricians will recommend additional Vitamin D and iron. Why are these vitamins being recommended and what kind of effect does it have on mother and baby? (more…)