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Tongue Ties and Lip Ties: Symptoms, Treatments and Aftercare

Lip Ties and Tongue Ties, The Boob Group

Symptoms such as nipple pain, slow weight gain and a fussy baby may be signs that your child has a lip or a tongue tie. How can you tell if there’s really an issue? What are your treatment options? And what does this mean for your breastfeeding relationship?

BONUS CONTENT:If this issue isn’t fixed, can it have long term effects on your ability to breastfeed your baby? (more…)

Talking with Your Pediatrician about Breastfeeding

Talking to your Pediatrician about Breastfeeding, The Boob Group

When it comes to the overall health of your baby, you and your child’s pediatrician need to be on the same page. So, how do you talk to your pediatrician about breastfeeding? How do you advocate for breastfeeding if your pediatrician is pushing alternatives, such as formula? And why are some pediatricians pushing for babies to eat solids prior to six months? Plus, the debate about tongue ties and lip ties.

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Laser Revision for Tongue and Lip Ties

Laser Revision for Tongue and Lip Ties, The Boob Group Blog

When my son Nolan was born, we had quite a difficult start. From jaundice to latch issues, it seemed that things were not headed in a great direction. After a rocky start with my first son as well, I was dedicated to make breastfeeding work for us. I knew that the beginning period is always an adjustment. What I didn’t know what that at 11 weeks postpartum, we would still be working through these challanges.

It all started when Nolan was having latch difficulties in the hospital that was causing me extreme pain on the left side. After only one day, I had a blister forming.I talked with nurse after nurse who assured me that his latch was “perfect” and that they did not see any problems. Even the lactation consultant came to take a look and said that his latch was fine. She suggested giving my left breast a break and pumping on that side while nursing on the right side. I didn’t want to completely stop nursing on the left, so I would alternate. Pump one time, then nurse the next. The blister did not go away. In fact, I still have a callous over the nipple because of the damage. (more…)

Our Journey with Posterior Tongue Tie

Our Journey with Posterier Tongue Tie, The Boob Group Blog

Nothing in this world can compare to the first time you hold your baby in your arms. Months of kicks and hiccups, anticipation growing every day on what she would look like, and finally, 4 days of labor finally brought E into the world. When she was born, little did we know, that she had two little imperfections that were going to majorly impact her life from day one. We found out, after many visits to doctors, lactation specialists, and breastfeeding counselors, and finally a dentist, that E was born with a posterior tongue tie and lip tie (PTT/LT). This means her tongue was too tightly connected to the bottom of her mouth and her lip was too tightly connected to her gum on the top. Neither of these were detected until E was almost 3 months old, yet it affected her life every day. (more…)

Breastfeeding A to Z: Latching Struggles

Breastfeeding A-Z Series, The Boob Group

A good latch is a great sign for both mom and baby in the early days of breastfeeding. But getting that latch doesn’t always come easy. Does breastfeeding really need to hurt those first few weeks? How does the shape of a mother’s nipples impact her baby’s ability to latch quickly? And what are some helpful breastfeeding positions to maximize latch potential?

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