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Tandem Nursing: After Two Months

Tandem Nursing, The Boob Group Blog

Our new baby is here! I promise to share more about her surprising birth soon. My toddler is absolutely infatuated with her, as are we all. Big sister is also obsessed with nursing. Seeing her baby sister nurse all the time is a constant reminder, so distraction no longer works as it did when Nursing While Pregnant. At times tandem nursing (or breastfeeding two children) seems more trouble than it’s worth. Breastfeeding while pregnant continued naturally for us, but this new stage has made me consider the pros and cons of weaning vs. continuing to tandem breastfeed.

Here are some of the pros and cons of tandem nursing in the first two months for us… (more…)

Toddler Jealousy While Breastfeeding

Toddler Jealousy While Breastfeeding, The Boob Group Blog

The baby’s been in the family for awhile now and my oldest child, soon to be three years old, has largely made peace with the situation. She loves her sister, particularly now that the little one is six months old and far more interactive than she was initially. In turn, the baby thinks her sister is hilarious, frequently laughing at her antics and silly songs, and pulling her hair for good measure.

There’s only one problem which has persisted since the little one turned up. (more…)

Wet Nursing = Empowerment

Wet Nursing = Empowerment, The Boob Group Blog

In a country where formula feeding is the norm, it has been a great blessing and privilege to be able to share my mummy milk with these babies. It was and is empowering to all of those involved.

Remy (L) was the first baby I ever shared my milk with. He was born a week or two after my eldest (R) was. Since he and his mother lived with us, it was the perfect arrangement. If I had errands to run, my daughter was nursed by his mom. If his mom had to go out, I was his go-to milk person. It felt awkward at first — especially since we were not related. But hey, when a baby needs milk, the baby has to have milk. (more…)

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Breastfeeding While Pregnant, The Boob Group

You’re pregnant and had no intentions to suddenly stop breastfeeding. While the thought of being pregnant while breastfeeding your little one can be daunting, it is possible for most moms. What type of changes could you experience early in your pregnancy? Should you expect a dip in your milk supply?
Plus, tips for the nursing two children shortly after giving birth.

BONUS CONTENT: Does nursing impact the nutrition of your unborn baby? (more…)

Breastfeeding in the Third Trimester

Breastfeeding in the Third Trimester, The Boob Group Blog

As I write this, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. I wanted to provide an update on how it’s been breastfeeding in the third trimester. I promised in my first post on Breastfeeding While Pregnant that I would check back in.

I kept waiting for my milk to dry up, for the taste can change, or for her to just lose interest. Well, we are still nursing! In fact, my personal breastfeeding goal was always two years, and we are now just ten days away. To be perfectly honest, once I got pregnant, I felt fine with the idea of her self-weaning, or even with mother-led weaning if I felt the need. But weaning just hasn’t happened yet. (more…)