Judgment-Free Breastfeeding


New Mom Breastfeeding Manual: 2-6 Months

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual, Series, The Boob Group

New moms can sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to breastfeeding their babies. We’re continuing our series on focused on empowering and educating moms with a look at what typically happens during first 2-6 months postpartum. How often are babies typically feeding during this time? How common are distractions and how can you overcome them? Plus, great tips on pumping, nursing in public and breastfeeding throughout the night.

BONUS CONTENT:How can you avoid common pitfalls of decreasing milk supply within the first 2-6 months? (more…)

Breastfeeding Twins Away from Home

Breastfeeding Twins Away from Home

At times you may need to breastfeed your twin babies away from home. The thought may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but we’ve enlisted some twin moms to share their tips on how to make it work. What are their “safe places” away from home? What gear is typically needed? And what do you do when both babies are hungry at the same time? Brought to you by our sister show, Twin Talks!

BONUS CONTENT:Our panelists share some of their funny breastfeeding “oops”! (more…)

Breastfeeding and Allergies

Breastfeeding Allergies, The Boob Group Blog

Starting off a new breastfeeding journey with a second child was not a breeze for me. I dealt with a multitude of complications such as newborn jaundice, and tongue tie. Not only did we get off to a rough start, we are still walking on a winding road that is keeping things interesting to say the least.

I remember visiting a friend during my second pregnancy and talking with her about her daughters allergies that she was dealing with while breastfeeding. I listened and sympathized with her, but in my mind I was thinking “thank god I don’t have to deal with that, I would die if I couldn’t eat cheese”. Word to the wise, when you think you are immune to life’s cruelest jokes, you usually end up as the punch line. And this leads me to my story of breastfeeding and allergies. (more…)

Myths and Misconceptions: Milk Supply

Myths and Misconceptions: Breastfeeding Infants, The Boob Group

There are some many myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding, especially when it comes to milk supply. We’re answering some of your top questions including whether or not breast size can be used to gauge effective milk production. Does pumping output equal the same amount your baby is taking at the breast? Is collostrum really enough for your baby in the first few days? Plus, ways to increase milk supply after the first couple of weeks.

BONUS CONTENT: We’re busting another breastfeeding myth. If you’re not making enough milk in the beginning, and you need to supplement, does that mean you’ll never make enough milk?  (more…)

Exclusive Pumping: Making It Work For You

Exclusively Pumping Series, The Boob Group

Despite every intention to breastfeed their babies, sometimes moms must look for alternatives, such as feeding their babies their expressed breast milk. Today we’re continuing the second part of our series on exclusive pumping with a look at how to make pumping work for you in “real life”. What type of schedule typically works best? What products are most helpful when pumping? Plus, great ways to avoid pumping burn-out! (more…)