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Myths and Misconceptions: Milk Supply

Myths and Misconceptions: Breastfeeding Infants, The Boob Group

There are some many myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding, especially when it comes to milk supply. We’re answering some of your top questions including whether or not breast size can be used to gauge effective milk production. Does pumping output equal the same amount your baby is taking at the breast? Is collostrum really enough for your baby in the first few days? Plus, ways to increase milk supply after the first couple of weeks.

BONUS CONTENT: We’re busting another breastfeeding myth. If you’re not making enough milk in the beginning, and you need to supplement, does that mean you’ll never make enough milk?  (more…)

Exclusive Pumping: Making It Work For You

Exclusively Pumping Series, The Boob Group

Despite every intention to breastfeed their babies, sometimes moms must look for alternatives, such as feeding their babies their expressed breast milk. Today we’re continuing the second part of our series on exclusive pumping with a look at how to make pumping work for you in “real life”. What type of schedule typically works best? What products are most helpful when pumping? Plus, great ways to avoid pumping burn-out! (more…)

Pumping in Hotels

Pumping in Hotels, The Boob Group Blog

Pumping anywhere else but home can be a challenge, particularly when traveling. Over the winter holidays we were staying with family, but a few weeks later we flew to attend my cousin’s wedding and stayed at a hotel. That was a bit more complicated.

It depends on the hotel and their amenities, of course, so call ahead of your stay. Ask for a manager who may know a workaround and has more power to bend some rules for you if needed. (more…)

Exclusive Breastfeeding After Early Supplementation

Exclusive Breastfeeding After Early Supplementation, The Boob Group

If your baby needs supplementation shortly after birth, you may asking yourself a million different questions. Will you be able to make enough milk to eventually breastfeed? What are your options for supplementation during this time? Should you pump? And what’s the best way to transition to the breast? (more…)

Pumping At Work: What Makes A Great Mothering Room?

Pumping at Work: What Makes a Great Mothering Room? The Boob Group Blog

I am a small cog in a big company cubicle farm with several hundred employees. Before I started my maternity leave, I didn’t much consider what I’d do after I returned. I had always planned to pump while my little one was at daycare, but I hadn’t considered the logistics. I was too preoccupied with how I was going to birth a human being from my loins to consider flange sizes and pumping bras. A Mothering Room (or Lactation Room), I learned, was where I’d be pumping while at work. (more…)