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Nursing and the Military

Nursing and the Military, The Boob Group Blog

Nursing in public. NIP. It’s a pretty controversial topic as of late. All over the country women are being shunned. They are being kicked out of store after store. Restaurant after restaurant. Shamed for covering. Shamed for not covering. Asked to nurse in bathrooms.

Federal Law states:
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a woman may breastfeed her child at any location in a Federal building or on Federal property, if the woman and her child are otherwise authorized to be present at the location.

This doesn’t state that the woman is only allowed to nurse in bathrooms. Only allowed to nurse with a cover. This doesn’t state that the woman is only allowed to nurse the way others deem appropriate. (more…)

Ways to Combat Nursing in Public Harassment

Ways to Combat Nursing in Public Harassment, The Boob Group

Despite federal and state laws protecting a mother’s right to breastfeed in public, many women still face harassment and ridicule when feeding their babies outside the home. What are some of the ways women are harassed? What should you do if asked to cover up? And what resources are available for women who’s rights have been violated? (more…)

Nursing in Public: Tips for a New Mom


Written by Beth Droste

Nursing is a relationship between mama and baby and is constantly changing and ongoing. Babies get hungry. Doesn’t matter where, when, or who’s around. Ellie and I had some hiccups in breastfeeding that caused her to be hungry almost constantly. We didn’t go out very often when she was little but when we did, we had to be prepared for her to be hungry.

I have learned a few tricks that have made nursing in public easier for us. When leaving the house, I would always wear two shirts. The bottom layer was usually a tank top and used it to cover my belly and to pull down and the other was usually a t-shirt that I would pull up. It kept me covered no matter where we were. I never used a cover because I think breastfeeding cover-less only helps normalize breastfeeding. Trying to breastfeed a newborn is hard enough without fiddling with something else. (more…)

Boobie Palooza 2012

Boobie Palooza 2012, The Boob Group Blog

Sometimes finding the support and guidance in our breastfeeding journey’s can be intimidating. I’m sure much like myself, you’ve found yourself at some point in the process reading books, blogs, websites, and asking your doctor’s for advice. The information can be tough to organize and put together.

After having two children and successfully breastfeeding the second I learned we have to open ourselves up to finding the kind of help to get us through whatever hurdles come our way. My dear husband knew how important conquering breastfeeding was for me and reminded me that I had prepared so much to make it work and that I shouldn’t give up. (more…)

How Breastfeeding Changed My Life

How Breastfeeding Changed My Life, The Boob Group

When we first discovered I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed.  To be honest, I’m not sure why I knew that, but using formula never occurred to me.  When my daughter was born, we jumped on the breastfeeding train.  But we hit some bumps along the way.  A huge bump – like a struggle with low supply.  I remember sitting there for those first few days when we were home bawling my eyes out!  My sweet little girl was losing weight – over a pound.  They told me, breastfeed her, pump, feed that to her, offer her formula.  This consumed my day, not to mention exhausted me!  But I would do anything to get her to gain weight.

John kept telling me, it’s not a big deal.  Who cares?  Just give her formula.  He didn’t get it!  As if my hormones weren’t already off the chart, I couldn’t stop crying.  I mean, how could I be a good mom if I couldn’t even make enough milk to feed my baby?  This poor girl had no chance because I was failing already!  That is when it really hit me – I didn’t just want to breastfeed my baby, I had to breastfeed my baby!  If it didn’t work, I felt I was failing.  So we nursed, and pumped and offered her formula. (more…)