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Breastfeeding Support For All!

Breastfeeding Support For All, The Boob Group Blog

My passion for breastfeeding and all things mommy support really began at the tender age of 17. The culture of mommy support really only involved mothers of an “appropriate” age at that time. I’m talking late 90’s and it was probably worse prior to that. I was a young mother and besides my own mother, I was completely alone in any means of parenting or breastfeeding support. The resources just weren’t there. From what I’d learned over the years formula was the thing in my mother’s generation so not many mothers of that era breastfed. Formula was liberating to women and it was more the norm than breastfeeding. In the hospital, at the time of my son’s birth, I don’t recall a visit from any lactation nurse or any offers to try breastfeeding. I got some handouts and I was actually sent home with a few cases of formula. (more…)

When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Go As Planned


You’ve tried everything, but your breastfeeding experience isn’t turning out as planned. If plans A, B, and C fail… what’s the next step? Learn how to recognize the signs early, get help and stay strong through the whole process. (more…)

The Plan

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I’m a planner by nature: organized and scheduled, but also realistic in knowing that things don’t always go according to plan. As a social worker, I’ve learned to be flexible, problem-solve, and roll with the punches.

When it came to nurturing my baby, the prenatal plan was simple and non-negotiable: breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months, and continue with the addition of solids for at least a year. I did plenty of prep work: I familiarized myself with the AAP and WHO guidelines, read several breastfeeding books, attended a La Leche League meeting, and took two different breastfeeding classes. I learned a lot. I understood that breastfeeding would likely be challenging, but I also knew there was no challenge that couldn’t be met and conquered. (more…)