Judgment-Free Breastfeeding


Comforting Your Baby as a Non-Nursing Parent

Comforting Your Baby as a Non-Nursing Parent, The Boob Group Blog

Boobs are magic. You see it from the first moment you watch your child be calmed by breastfeeding. Your partner puts your baby to her breast, and there is peace again in the world. As a non-nursing parent, it can be intimidating to think about comforting your child without the magic of breastfeeding, but it is totally possible. A wonderful, connected relationship can exist between you and your child, but it does take intentional work. Don’t be intimated by your baby. She is your baby and is designed to love and connect with you just as much as with the parent who gave birth to her. (more…)

Rekindle Your Sex Life After Baby

Rekindle Your Sex Life After Baby, The Boob Group Blog

Some will tell you sex after baby is better than ever. Having three children, we have had a very different experience. Here are tips for bringing the spice back into the bedroom after baby enters your home.

Tip 1: Easy does it…  Set no expectations

Set a schedule of when to enjoy some alone time together. However, remember to take it slowly. Whether it’s once per day, once per week, or every third day, set aside time for intimacy. Sensate focus is a wonderful means of rekindling the old spark. The most important thing is for you and your partner to agree that no matter what transpired throughout the day (between the two of you, with baby, with other children, at work, etc.), the two of you will enjoy “truce touch”, including gentle hugs and kind words. (more…)

Supporting Your Breastfeeding Partner

Supporting Your Breastfeeding Partner, The Boob Group Blog

Congratulations! You are a current or future partner of a breastfeeding mom. This is an exciting time for you and your family! While it may not seem like you are a major player in the breastfeeding relationship, your support of both mom and baby are sooo important! Breastfeeding is complex relationship between mom and baby. There will be moments of joy, love, frustration, and desperation. Your role as the mom’s partner is to be her rock. You are her #1 cheerleader. You are her caretaker. You are her support. It is beyond important that you stand by her 100% in your journey together. There may be nights where it seems hopeless or she doubts she is making enough milk or if baby is gaining enough weight. At those times it will be crucial that you support and encourage her to keep nursing. (more…)

The Importance of Partner Support in Breastfeeding

The Boob Group, Partner Support

Having a baby can cause a strain on any relationship. Let’s face it, parenting can be exhausting. Breastfeeding moms may feel additional stress and responsibility as the pain provider of nutrition for their babies. How can partners help relieve some of the burden and bond with their babies at the same time? (more…)