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Mastitis Survival Guide

Mastitis Survival Guide, The Boob Group Blog

I thought it was a lovely evening.  The kids went to be early. I was enjoying a cup of tea and a book (something that almost never happens) and then my daughter woke in the room next door.  I got up and as I climbed into the bed to nurse her back to sleep, I realized something was very wrong.  My body was aching and I was shivering under the covers. Not more than five minutes ago, I was fine and now I clearly wasn’t.  What was going on?

Blocked Ducts

Nearly three years into this breastfeeding gig, I’d figured I’d made it through all the rough stuff already–engorgement, painful latch, oversupply and occasional minor blocked ducts.  It had been so long since I had any of those challenges that it was a big surprise when a few weeks ago, I realized I was forming what I thought was a pretty major blocked duct. (more…)

Unexpected Surgery When Breastfeeding? Ask for Help!

Unexpected Surgery? Ask for Help! (The Boob Group Blog)

On October 28th, I woke up at 2:30am in excruciating pain in what appeared to be my ribs on my right side. I could not get comfortable and I could not sleep. I thought it was my side cramping up from breastfeeding in the same position too long.

My husband told me to call the 24 hour nurse. The nurse told me to hang up and call 911 as I was having symptoms of a heart attack.

The ER doctor said that my gall bladder was inflammed and had to come out that day. Regardless, my baby needed to eat. So, my husband held him up to my breast while I was in the hospital bed tethered to an IV pole and in pain. Baby latched on and ate until he wanted no more. It was not a natural position for any of us, but we all three worked together and made it work. (more…)

When Baby Bites: Getting Through the Teething Stage

When Baby Bites: Getting Through the Teething Stage, The Boob Group Blog

My husband once asked me, “You’re going to stop nursing when he gets teeth, right? Won’t that hurt?” Prior to that moment, I hadn’t given it any thought. What I did know was that MY mother and countless other mothers nursed despite teething babies, so certainly it wouldn’t be a big deal for me. For many women it never becomes an issue at all, but sadly I was not one of those women. The experience that I’m about to share is not in ANY way a representation of the average woman’s experience with bites, I would call it an EXTREME case, but tips and tricks it taught me can be applied to anyone who runs into a biting problem. (more…)

Anesthesia and the Breastfed Baby

Anesthesia and the Breastfed Baby, The Boob Group

No parent in the world ever wants to hear a doctor use the words “your baby” and “surgery” in the same sentence. When my son’s gastroenterologist determined that he needed a simple endoscopy to rule out another condition, there was one thing weighing heavily on my mind: How will my exclusively breast fed 15 month old handle being put under general anesthesia? The thought of it haunted me, and it was only made worse when I made the admittedly poor choice to consult Dr. Google on the matter. (more…)