Judgment-Free Breastfeeding


A Mom’s Guide to Gluten-Free Living

Mom's Guide to Gluten Free Living, The Boob Group

In 2010, I began my gluten-free journey with the diagnosis of gluten intolerance, hypoglycemia, and adrenal fatigue. I had been dealing with various symptoms from not being able to loose weight to falling asleep at work for over a year and my regular doctors kept telling me I just wasn’t trying hard enough. This led me to seek a second opinion from a practice of PA’s specializing in women’s care. No one doubted what I said and after just one visit with them I was floored by their dedication to helping heal my body without the use of prescription drugs. (more…)

Food and Cooking Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

Food and Cooking Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom, The Boob Group

Finding time to feed yourself nutritious foods can be a struggle when you’re a new mom. So, what exactly does your body need during this time to maintain and even enhance your milk supply? What specific foods are typically recommended for breastfeeding moms? Plus, we reveal our favorite go-to items for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

BONUS CONTENT:Learn more about some great resources for healthy, easy meals.  (more…)

A Million Reasons to Breastfeed

Reasons to Breastfeed, The Boob Group Blog

A- Attachment. Literal and emotional.

M- Melatonin. Please sleep tonight!
I- Immunity. Share those antibodies.
L- Little hand rubbing and holding.
L- Lessens those “Baby Blues”.
I- Interacting with my baby.
O- Only this little once.
N- Nutrition tailored to a tee! (more…)

Too Skinny After Baby?

Too Skinny After Baby, The Boob Group Blog

Okay, don’t hunt me down to punch me in the neck –but I’ve lost TOO MUCH weight since the birth of my daughter!

It’s a problem that most postpartum women don’t think about and many women don’t take seriously.  After my baby’s birthday, my weight seemed to gradually and efficiently be sliding off.  I was delighting in envious comments about my post baby bod. ”Wow, you look great!” &  ”I can’t believe you just had a baby!” were common conversation starters. I attributed my rapid weight loss to breastfeeding, eating healthy and hauling a pudgy little monkey baby around 15 hours a day. (more…)

Talking with Your Pediatrician about Breastfeeding

Talking to your Pediatrician about Breastfeeding, The Boob Group

When it comes to the overall health of your baby, you and your child’s pediatrician need to be on the same page. So, how do you talk to your pediatrician about breastfeeding? How do you advocate for breastfeeding if your pediatrician is pushing alternatives, such as formula? And why are some pediatricians pushing for babies to eat solids prior to six months? Plus, the debate about tongue ties and lip ties.

BONUS CONTENT: Recommendations for iron supplementation for the exclusively breastfed baby.  (more…)