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Super Foods To Support My Milk Supply

Superfoods to Support My Milk Supply, The Boob Group Blog

I make milk. What’s your superpower?

I love this quotation – I first saw it awhile ago in this book. Breastfeeding my little nurslings makes me feel cooler than Wonder Woman. Wait. Is that possible? To be cooler than an Amazon Warrior Princess who flies an invisible jet with a lasso of truth and projectile tiara at her disposal? But I digress…

There are tons of super foods out there to help support and maintain your milk supply. Here is a quick list from reputable resources on the web to help give you a one-stop shop for finding the super foods you like best.

As always, be sure to consult with a IBCLC or other certified medical care professional to make the most informed, healthiest decisions for you and your baby. (more…)

Nursing On Demand While Working From Home

Nursing on Demand While Working From Home, The Boob Group Blog

Well I am trying to write this post before my little girl wakes up! I find it seemingly impossible to take care of her needs at the drop of a hat, work on my direct sales business, take care of household chores, shop and feed my family, and get a shower all in one day.

It definitely takes some fine tuning to get any type of routine or pattern. I find my best time for getting most of my hands-on work accomplished, like writing out notecards, preparing makeup samples, trying the product and recording video tutorials, is after my little nugget has gone to bed. But that is the also when I finally get to relax from the hustle and bustle of the day, so some nights, I just put my feet up and have a bit of chocolate with my tea while watching the latest prime-time reality show. Ah, the life! (more…)

Pumping at Work: Keeping Up the Momentum

Pumping at Work: Keeping Up the Momentum, The Boob Group Blog

With my son just turning 10 months I have felt the most struggles with my pumping this past month. Anxiety kicks in and I feel the pressure to keep up with him. I have never been super lucky to have such a large output, but then again I only need what he can eat. Right?! I’m not sure that is enough sometimes.

My routine used to be a morning and then an afternoon pump. Which yielded enough for 4 feedings total. I started to notice this dwindling down to only 3 feedings worth. Then, as little one became a little older and dear hubby and I wanted to enjoy a couple hours to have dinner or a quick date night, that would eat up into our next day’s stash. I sometimes would not be able to pump because on those occasions I would just want to get little one on the breast as soon as possible. AACCKK – the pressure!! (more…)

Nursing on Demand

Nursing on Demand, The Boob Group

I’m tired. I’m so tired. No, not just sleepy. Not “I stayed up too late last night and need a nap.” This tired only comes from being on duty for the past 18 months and always being willing to stop what I want to be doing and breastfeeding my little one. From day one to this afternoon, my body has been at the beck and call of my little one through rooting, crying, and asking politely for “milmil” I have been here to answer the call of duty. I love the nighttime snuggles and that I have yet to **knock on wood** have any breast issues and I really think breastfeeding on demand has helped create an awesome bond between me and my pumpkin doodle. (more…)

Breastfeeding After Sexual Abuse

Breastfeeding After Sexual Abuse, The Boob Group Blog

A few weeks ago I had the experience of attending a workshop called When Survivors Give Birth.  The workshop, developed by Penny Simkin, helps birth professionals identify the unique needs of women who have experienced sexual abuse in order to support their pregnancy and postpartum experiences.  While this was fascinating and useful on a professional level as a doula, it also revealed a great deal to me personally because I, myself, am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

One thing that truly stuck with me from the workshop was the idea that much emotional baggage can fall on breastfeeding.  This is true in general, but may be especially true for women with a past history of abuse. For me, it definitely shed light on some of my experiences breastfeeding my first child. (more…)