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Nipple Vasospasms and Raynaud’s

Nipple Vasospasms and Raynaud's, The Boob Group

Nipple pain can be a huge reason why moms stop breastfeeding earlier than planned. Fortunately, many of these issues can be fixed when moms have the right information about what’s happening within their bodies. If you’ve experienced uncomfortable nipple blanching and spasms, it may be a result of a vasospasm of Raynaud’s syndrome. What is the difference between these two conditions and can moms do to overcome discomfort?

BONUS CONTENT:The difference between vasospasms and thrush, and why the two are sometimes confused.  (more…)

Overcoming Early Breastfeeding Challenges

Overcoming Early Breastfeeding Challenges, The Boob Group Blog

My youngest son, Stone, was born on April 13, 2012.  Before his birth I read every breastfeeding book in our library system and some of them I read twice!  I was so looking forward to exclusively breastfeeding.  I thought of it every day!

My goal was to say that Stone never had even one drop of formula.

We were skin to skin at breast from the moment he was born.  I was expressing colostrum as much as possible and he would suck the drops off my nipple or finger.  Unfortunately, he didn’t ever latch properly.  I was already frustrated. (more…)

When Baby Bites: Getting Through the Teething Stage

When Baby Bites: Getting Through the Teething Stage, The Boob Group Blog

My husband once asked me, “You’re going to stop nursing when he gets teeth, right? Won’t that hurt?” Prior to that moment, I hadn’t given it any thought. What I did know was that MY mother and countless other mothers nursed despite teething babies, so certainly it wouldn’t be a big deal for me. For many women it never becomes an issue at all, but sadly I was not one of those women. The experience that I’m about to share is not in ANY way a representation of the average woman’s experience with bites, I would call it an EXTREME case, but tips and tricks it taught me can be applied to anyone who runs into a biting problem. (more…)

The Hippie Super Mom

The Hippie Super Mom, The Boob Group Blog

What an experience it is to become a breastfeeding mother to a newborn baby. Most pregnant women plan to breastfeed their babies for some amount of time, so this process of figuring out nursing together is a very unifying part of the journey through motherhood. No matter what other choices we each make from there, or how our circumstances change along the way, three-quarters of us have experienced or will experience holding our own newborn baby and nourishing them with our breasts. (more…)