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Low Milk Supply

Diagnosed with Insufficient Glandular Tissue

Diagnosed with IGT, The Boob Group Blog

“Every nursing mom must define for herself what a successful breastfeeding relationship will look like.  That may mean that I’ll give my baby as much as I can, and I will rejoice in my ability to do it.”  – Anonymous

I heard this quote while listening to a podcast about low-milk supply on TheBoobGroup.com.  I’d been breastfeeding my 7-week-old son (second born; Francis) for that sitting for almost an hour and there seem to be no end in sight.  I dreaded the coming of the next on-demand feeding that was bound to begin in just 15 minutes.  I felt myself sinking into the same darkness I felt when I attempted to exclusively breastfeed (EBF) my first born, Benedict.  I just knew that I wasn’t meeting my son’s needs yet again. (more…)

How Your Thyroid Can Affect Milk Supply

How Your Thyroid Can Impact Milk Supply, The Boob Group

Hormone imbalances can definitely complicate a breastfeeding mother’s milk supply. But how do you know if your thyroid is really to blame? When are most women diagnosed with a high or low thyroid? What type of tests help determine this condition? And what can a mother do to help manage these levels better?

BONUS CONTENT: Our expert discusses great resources for learning more about thyroid conditions so you can be more informed when discussing the issue with your medical care provider. (more…)

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Breastfeeding While Pregnant, The Boob Group

You’re pregnant and had no intentions to suddenly stop breastfeeding. While the thought of being pregnant while breastfeeding your little one can be daunting, it is possible for most moms. What type of changes could you experience early in your pregnancy? Should you expect a dip in your milk supply?
Plus, tips for the nursing two children shortly after giving birth.

BONUS CONTENT: Does nursing impact the nutrition of your unborn baby? (more…)

Breastfeeding After Breast Implant Surgery


When a woman chooses to have breast implants, she may not be thinking about how the surgery will impact her future breastfeeding goals. What questions should you ask your doctor prior to surgery? What can you do to maximize your milk supply potential- prenatally and postpartum? Plus, do women with implants experience more engorgement?

BONUS CONTENT: Is there a correlation between leaking while pregnant and milk supply? (more…)

Low Milk Supply and Domperidone

Low Milk Supply and Domperidone, The Boob Group Blog

Breastfeeding is always something I knew I would do, there was no question about it. After a very difficult labor and delivery, I felt so blessed to be able to breastfeed. It felt like the one thing I had left.  Though, like many other breastfeeding mothers, my journey has not been without struggle.

After a few weeks, and slow weight gain for my son, he was diagnosed with a very small tongue tie by my lactation consultant which had resulted in low milk supply for me. My son was not very efficient at the breast and easily lost energy. After a lot of hard work with exercises and help during nursing, he slowly regained strength and was able to nurse much more efficiently. But, my supply was left damaged. (more…)