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Breastfeeding A to Z: Latching Struggles

Breastfeeding A-Z Series, The Boob Group

A good latch is a great sign for both mom and baby in the early days of breastfeeding. But getting that latch doesn’t always come easy. Does breastfeeding really need to hurt those first few weeks? How does the shape of a mother’s nipples impact her baby’s ability to latch quickly? And what are some helpful breastfeeding positions to maximize latch potential?

BONUS CONTENT: What should you do if your baby has a persistent shallow latch? (more…)

When You Cannot Breastfeed: My Personal Journey

When You Cannot Breastfeed: My Personal Journey, The Boob Group Blog

When I first discovered I was pregnant with my first child, the thought of what or how to feed her never crossed my mind. My husband brought up the conversation by telling me “breast was best”. I had not really thought of any other way! So that is what we went with throughout the pregnancy. Then, the Monday after Thanksgiving I found myself in the hospital, being pumped full of pictocin, and getting frantic phone calls from family to see how I was progressing!

Around 9pm, that chilly day in November, after 8 hours of labor (and maybe an hour of really bad back labor) She was born! In came the grandparents! Everyone had to hold her, take pictures and stare in awe. After about two hours of this, I decided I had enough. (more…)

Discovering My Breast Hypoplasia

Discovering My Breast Hypoplasia, The Boob Group Blog

Am I just not meant to breastfeed? That’s what I asked myself after struggling with Brody and now with Loralai! If you are reading this, you probably either have breast hypoplasia, think you have it, or are just looking for answers like I was! The best advice I can give is to let you know that you are not alone and definitely NOT a failure!  

From the second I became pregnant with my first-born, Brody, I studied up on breastfeeding. I knew I wanted to do it for at least a year, and I didn’t imagine anything would go wrong! I happily awaited the day I would start seeing anything coming out of my breasts! That day came, late in pregnancy so I assumed everything in my boobs worked great and I just needed my precious boy to be born and latch on! Well, he was born, and he did latch on, but it seemed to me like my boobs never really caught on! (more…)

Problems with Breastfeeding Latch

Problems with Breastfeeding Latch, The Boob Group

Every once in a while it will strike me. The similarities between toddlers and wild animals are abundant, and frankly pretty funny. What happens when your toddler spies a large group of children? They run like a pack. Some bit of defenseless food falls to the ground? They attack. Most notably, when a toddler finds something worthy of becoming their pray, they will hunt until they are successful.

I had a run in with this phenomenon the other night while getting my little wild animal ready for bed. We sat on the bed facing each other, him already zipped up in his footie jammies. I began to change into my own pajama top. I took my shirt off, his target was in sight. I reach for my pajamas, his stare doesn’t waver. I begin to put the shirt over my head, my guard is let down, and he attacks. (more…)

Overcoming Early Breastfeeding Challenges

Overcoming Early Breastfeeding Challenges, The Boob Group Blog

My youngest son, Stone, was born on April 13, 2012.  Before his birth I read every breastfeeding book in our library system and some of them I read twice!  I was so looking forward to exclusively breastfeeding.  I thought of it every day!

My goal was to say that Stone never had even one drop of formula.

We were skin to skin at breast from the moment he was born.  I was expressing colostrum as much as possible and he would suck the drops off my nipple or finger.  Unfortunately, he didn’t ever latch properly.  I was already frustrated. (more…)