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Super Foods To Support My Milk Supply

Superfoods to Support My Milk Supply, The Boob Group Blog

I make milk. What’s your superpower?

I love this quotation – I first saw it awhile ago in this book. Breastfeeding my little nurslings makes me feel cooler than Wonder Woman. Wait. Is that possible? To be cooler than an Amazon Warrior Princess who flies an invisible jet with a lasso of truth and projectile tiara at her disposal? But I digress…

There are tons of super foods out there to help support and maintain your milk supply. Here is a quick list from reputable resources on the web to help give you a one-stop shop for finding the super foods you like best.

As always, be sure to consult with a IBCLC or other certified medical care professional to make the most informed, healthiest decisions for you and your baby. (more…)

Back to Work: Your Pumping Rights

Back To Work, Pumping Series, The Boob Group

Your return to work after maternity leave can be challenging. Combine that with an employer who less-than supportive of your pumping rights and you have even more stress. What are your pumping rights when you return to work? How can you ensure these laws are upheld? And what’s the best way to handle your break times and make them work for you? (more…)

Seeking Breastfeeding Support

Seeking Breastfeeding Support, The Boob Group

Let me start by saying, I am an introvert. I like to have quiet time, down time, time to myself. I’m not one for big groups, especially when they are filled with a bunch of people I don’t know. So when friends suggested I attend a breastfeeding support group, I had reservations. As I have previously mentioned, Adelyn went through a phase of being a fussy feeder from about six weeks to six months of age. Thankfully we are now on the other side and feedings are much better. But, during that time, I had plenty of moments where I felt confused, frustrated and even angry. I cried during failed attempts to feed her and had moments where I just needed to walk away. I could not figure out what was going on with her. I tried a host of different things, but nothing seemed to work. So, I turned to the Internet. I researched fussy feeding, hoping to find a solution, but I came up empty. I began to talk to friends about it and many of them suggested attending a breastfeeding support group. I was hesitant, for a lot of reasons: I’m an introvert, I have two older kids to tote around, I have nursed those two other kids, so shouldn’t I be able to figure this out myself? (more…)