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Tight Frenula and Breastfeeding

Tight Frenula and Breastfeeding, The Boob Group

When a new mother begins to breastfeed her child, she spends much of her time focusing on bringing in her milk supply and getting the perfect latch. But sometimes a tight frenulum, or tongue-tie, greatly hinders this process. How do you know if your baby has this problem? What are your options for treating it? And how effective are these treatments? (more…)

Lip Tied Toddler and our Nursing Adventures

Lip Tied Toddler, The Boob Group Blog

When my son (now 2 1/2 years old) was about a year old, I read this wonderful article about the upper labial tie, more commonly known as a “lip tie.” It was a little surprising to discover that this seemingly minor issue was wreaking major havoc on my son’s latch, and that was probably the reason why we’d been continuously remedying shallow and inefficient latches throughout most of his infancy. He nursed very well for the most part, thankfully, but there was always a little bit of a struggle getting there because his latch would be tight and painful for me on the first couple of attempts.

I’m glad it was my second child who had this issue, because I had plenty of breastfeeding experience by the time he came along, and I knew lots of tips and tricks for getting him to open wider and latch more carefully and securely. He’d latch really well for weeks at a time, and then suddenly – usually around the time of a growth spurt – his mouth would totally be “off” again and we’d get back into the swing of practicing and remedying. (more…)