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Exclusive Breastfeeding After Early Supplementation

Exclusive Breastfeeding After Early Supplementation, The Boob Group

If your baby needs supplementation shortly after birth, you may asking yourself a million different questions. Will you be able to make enough milk to eventually breastfeed? What are your options for supplementation during this time? Should you pump? And what’s the best way to transition to the breast? (more…)

Dairy Free While Breastfeeding

Dairy Free While Breastfeeding, The Boob Group Blog

I love dairy. I love everything about a milkshake. Yogurt with fruit seriously speaks 

to my soul in the morning. Cheeseburger, yes please! Even healthy meals like whole 

grain pasta and home made sauce are better topped with a bit of cheese. So when I 

found out that my new little baby projectile vomits and is constantly uncomfortable 

due to the dairy I was ingesting, it was a sad day for mommy. I knew that going 

without dairy would be hard but I knew putting my little one on formula for such a 

selfish reason would be so much harder. So we packed the baby up, headed to the 

grocery store, and bought all kinds of things I never knew existed.

First we started with milk. I love milk in cereal, with cookies, and just by the glass. 

We have tried coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, flax milk, and maybe 

a few others. We have found some we really liked and some we dumped down 

the drain. Vanilla is a nice addition to make some of them sweeter, but I found out 

the hard way vanilla flavored milk and scrambled eggs don’t go well together! We regularly buy 

almond milk as it is the easiest to find and it has a good consistency and flavor. 

Then the search for good replacement cheese and butter began.

We found some cheese replacement that weren’t too bad. We knew we had to accept 

the fact no matter what it looked like, soy cheese is never going to be the same as 

real cheese and we had to enjoy it for the product it was at the time. We usually 

purchased the shredded type to add to dishes and once mixed it, it wasn’t too bad. 

We slowly stopped using most cheese alternatives just because they didn’t add 

much to a dish. This forced us to use more spices and sauces and we now like so 

many more flavors that would have never found. Butter wasn’t too hard because we 

could use margarine if we wanted and there are a few other types made with soy or 


The biggest struggle we found was that we needed to watch our soy intake. Being 

vegetarian meant we already had some soy in our diets to help replace some metat 

protein but adding it again as a dairy replacement was too much. We made sure to 

only have 2-3 soy products at once so we didn’t have to worry about over doing it. 

The easiest way to avoid soy was to not buy soy milk and to stick to oil-based butter.

Being dairy free was hard for me, especially when we were not at home. A lot of 

people don’t understand the extent of dairy being in things and it is impossible to 

avoid sometimes when eating at a friend’s for dinner. But being aware of what I ate, 

which wasn’t a bad thing, definitely helped me cut a lot of dairy out of my diet. And 

helped baby girl keep the good stuff in!

Top 10 Reasons to Breastfeed

Top 10 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby, The Boob Group

By now, you’ve probably heard that breast is best. But why? Why is breast milk considered the perfect food for your little one? What are the health benefits short term and long term? And how can it improve the bond your partner has with the baby? Brought to you by our sister show, Preggie Pals!

BONUS CONTENT: Our expert sheds some light on the most common breastfeeding misconceptions. (more…)

“That Baby Loves Breastfeeding!”

"That Baby Loves Breastfeeding", The Boob Group Blog

A girlfriend of mine is pregnant with her second, a boy due in December wants to breastfeed this time, and she asks what B (my 3.5 year old) thinks of AJ (his 7.5 month old brother) being exclusively breastfed, and how did he adjust to seeing me feed his brother from my breast – all the time. Truth be told; B has the biggest heart of anyone and he will gladly tell you, “baby eats boob!” if you ask him what babies eat. B adjusted to AJ’s arrival impeccably to no surprise. B always adjusts to things well. Except for birth, we had trouble with that. (more…)

Why I Find Breastfeeding Easier Than Formula or Bottle Feeding

Why Breastfeeding Is Easier than Formula Feeding, The Boob Group

I am currently an exclusively breastfeeding mom. I chose to breastfeed this baby and my other children for many reasons.  I am no stranger to bottle feeding. My daughter would not latch and I ended up pumping and feeding her. I can remember all the bottles. Washing and drying them. Then there was the big BPA scare, and I had to toss all my bottles and invest in new ones! I had to be sure I had bottles when I left the house, and the wait time to heat the milk seemed like hours when you have a screaming baby. (more…)