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Purees Vs. Baby Led Weaning

Purees or Baby Led Weaning? The Boob Group Post

When my daughter started eating solids, I just did what I thought I had to do. Give her rice cereal, oatmeal, some purees. I didn’t realize there was another option. That’s what I had always heard. Then, I started hearing this jibber jabber about baby led weaning and I had no idea what it was.

Baby led weaning is offering your baby foods that are soft cooked and then cut or mashed into manageable pieces for baby. Basically, you prepare it and baby does the rest. No spoon feeding involved. You help your baby but don’t actually feed baby. Which method is better? That is a decision that has no right answer. What’s right for one parent and child isn’t necessarily what’s right for another. In my opinion, you don’t have to choose just one option either. (more…)

Nursing on a Selective Diet

Nursing on a Selective Diet, The Boob Group Blog

Keeping up a healthy milk supply requires a steady intake of calories, and can be difficult for some moms. It becomes extra challenging when baby has allergies to something you’re eating.

I’m extremely fortunate that my son only reacts to a handful of his many trigger foods through my milk, but it means becoming extra conscious of what goes into your body. My son’s first breast milk reaction was just over a year ago. He was suddenly constantly irritable, spitting up all day long and having lots of green mucousy diapers.

At first, we had no idea what could be causing all the trouble. When you’re in this situation, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, but it’s important to keep your cool. I sat down and wrote down every single thing I had remembered eating for as far back as I could remember, then stared down the list trying to figure out what may have changed. (more…)

Lose Weight While Maintaining Your Milk Supply


You’re a breastfeeding mom and you still have nine months of pregnancy weight hanging around after the birth of your baby. How can you successfully lose the extra pounds while still maintaining a healthy milk supply for your little one? How many calories are needed to keep you supply and what are some healthy meals to help your keep on track? Plus, how to keep your body from producing too much lactic acid. (more…)

Delaying Solids

Delaying Solids, The Boob Group Blog

When it comes to solids, we are slow starters. I know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing solids at six months. When our first two children reached that age, their growth was off the charts, well, at least our second child was off the charts. Literally. Her weight was above the plotted lines. Both kiddos had been exclusively breastfed and were thriving babies.

When I took our son to his four-month check-up, I talked to the doctor about when we should start introducing solids. He said because Jonas was doing so well on breast milk alone, he recommended waiting beyond six months. He explained that breast milk is designed to exclusively nourish a child for the first year of life, so as long as he was doing well, there was no need to rush it. (more…)

Nutrition Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

Nutrition Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

We know proper nutrition is important for breastfeeding moms, but what exactly does a well-balanced diet look like? What specifically should we be looking for or avoiding in our food? And what effect does this have on our milk supply and keeping a postpartum mom healthy? (more…)