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Finding Your Breastfeeding Mama Tribe

Finding Your Breastfeeding Mama Tribe, The Boob Group

Finding your breastfeeding mama tribe can be a crucial part of your breastfeeding journey. How can a mama find a tribe that’s best for her? What are the benefits of a local tribe versus an online tribe? How can your tribe help you overcome common breastfeeding issues? Our panelists share how their mama tribes have helped them succeed in their breastfeeding goals. (more…)

Tandem Nursing: After Two Months

Tandem Nursing, The Boob Group Blog

Our new baby is here! I promise to share more about her surprising birth soon. My toddler is absolutely infatuated with her, as are we all. Big sister is also obsessed with nursing. Seeing her baby sister nurse all the time is a constant reminder, so distraction no longer works as it did when Nursing While Pregnant. At times tandem nursing (or breastfeeding two children) seems more trouble than it’s worth. Breastfeeding while pregnant continued naturally for us, but this new stage has made me consider the pros and cons of weaning vs. continuing to tandem breastfeed.

Here are some of the pros and cons of tandem nursing in the first two months for us… (more…)

Our One Year “Nursiversary”

Our One Year Nursiversary, The Boob Group Blog

Charlie just turned one! I cannot believe a year has already passed. You know what that means? We celebrated our one year nursiversary! Boy has breastfeeding been different with him than it was with Maggie.

We are very lucky and haven’t had any breastfeeding struggles in our year together. Such a relief because of the stress I went through with Maggie. We began our nursing experience with tandem nursing. The love and joy that I could see in Maggie when she sat on my lap to nurse with Charlie laid across her lap snuggled up and nursing brought so much joy to my heart. (more…)

Night Weaning a Toddler for Sleep Training

Night Weaning a Toddler for Sleep Training, The Boob Group Blog

“Your baby doesn’t need to nurse at night anymore.” Has anyone ever told you that? How old was your child? A few months? A year? Older? I’m not going to advise when to night wean, because every family and every child has different needs. But I can tell you about our decision, research and experience night weaning a toddler for sleep training. I was more than resistant to anything other than child-led weaning. However, when our daughter was 15 months old, we were struggling so much with sleep, that we turned to a sleep coach, who gently but firmly encouraged night weaning for the purpose of sleep training and I’m so glad we did. (more…)

Extended Breastfeeding: Shhh…It’s a Secret!

Extended Breastfeeding: Shhh... It's a Secret!, The Boob Group Blog

I was never going to breastfeed past a year, really, I wasn’t.  And then I had a baby.  Things changed.  A few months ago, I was sure she had weaned.  And then, she changed her mind for a few days.  Then I thought she weaned again.  Then she changed her mind again yesterday.  She turns 3 in October but I’m still not forcing her to wean.  I can’t seem to find a reason that I have to wean her.

As she has grown from an infant to a toddler, it seems she doesn’t always have time for me.  I get less snuggles and I really miss them. We get that extra special mommy and Maggie time when she decides we should.  It is so wonderful to nurse her. (more…)