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Myths and Misconceptions: Milk Supply

Myths and Misconceptions: Breastfeeding Infants, The Boob Group

There are some many myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding, especially when it comes to milk supply. We’re answering some of your top questions including whether or not breast size can be used to gauge effective milk production. Does pumping output equal the same amount your baby is taking at the breast? Is collostrum really enough for your baby in the first few days? Plus, ways to increase milk supply after the first couple of weeks.

BONUS CONTENT: We’re busting another breastfeeding myth. If you’re not making enough milk in the beginning, and you need to supplement, does that mean you’ll never make enough milk?  (more…)

Breastfeeding A to Z: Weaning

Breastfeeding A-Z Series, The Boob Group

The weaning process is something every breastfeeding mother will eventually experience. What are some of the signs your child is ready to wean? What reasons would a mother want to wean her child? And when you’re ready to wean, what’s the best way to do it? (more…)

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual: First Week

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual, Series, The Boob Group

If you’re about to have a baby, you may have a lot of questions about breastfeeding your newborn, especially within the first week. How often should your baby be eating and how much? When does colostrum typically evolve into mature milk? And how much weight loss is normal for your baby? What can you expect when it comes to sore nipples and engorgement? Today, we’re continuing our series focused on brand new moms as they begin their breastfeeding journeys.

BONUS CONTENT: What is “normal” newborn behavior during the first week?  (more…)

“That Baby Loves Breastfeeding!”

"That Baby Loves Breastfeeding", The Boob Group Blog

A girlfriend of mine is pregnant with her second, a boy due in December wants to breastfeed this time, and she asks what B (my 3.5 year old) thinks of AJ (his 7.5 month old brother) being exclusively breastfed, and how did he adjust to seeing me feed his brother from my breast – all the time. Truth be told; B has the biggest heart of anyone and he will gladly tell you, “baby eats boob!” if you ask him what babies eat. B adjusted to AJ’s arrival impeccably to no surprise. B always adjusts to things well. Except for birth, we had trouble with that. (more…)

Breastfeeding After Breast Implant Surgery


When a woman chooses to have breast implants, she may not be thinking about how the surgery will impact her future breastfeeding goals. What questions should you ask your doctor prior to surgery? What can you do to maximize your milk supply potential- prenatally and postpartum? Plus, do women with implants experience more engorgement?

BONUS CONTENT: Is there a correlation between leaking while pregnant and milk supply? (more…)