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Breastfeeding in Public: A UK Perspective

Breastfeeding in Public: A UK Perspective, The Boob Group Blog

When I feed my daughter Anna in public, I often wish I could have a sign next to me which reads “This is breastmilk, I promise!”. Hopefully it is imaginary, but a little part of me thinks that people look at Anna’s bottle and wonder why I am not breastfeeding.

Other draft signs include: “She did try to latch on”, “The health visitor couldn’t get her to breastfeed either” and “At least I am feeding her”!

It might seem strange for me to want to write about breastfeeding in public. After all, I am an outsider when it comes to the whole idea. For reasons best known to my baby girl alone, I pump exclusively (she was never able to latch on) and there has never been an issue of ‘decency’ with giving a baby a bottle in public view. However, many of my fellow breastfeeders – those who do it conventionally – don’t have such an easy time when feeding out and about. If a mum cannot feel at ease providing her baby with the best food there is when and where it is needed, then surely something is wrong. And whatever is at fault, it certainly isn’t the breastfeeding! (more…)


MilkCharm, Product Review


Introducing the MilkCharm – a cute, simple, innovative dial that helps you easily label, track, and organize your breast milk supply. No more tape and pen, no more sticky notes that smear and fall off, no more grease pencils. Just dial in the day (and time if you want to be exact), hang the MilkCharm on the bottle, put it in the fridge, and go take a nap! The time side also works great for storing either milk at room temperature or formula in the fridge.

  • Double sided dial: one side features the days of the week, the other time of day
  • Works with virtually any bottle
  • Made from food grade polypropylene and silicone, BPA and phthalate free materials
  • 100% recyclable and made with as much recycled material as we can get our hands on
  • Made in the USA in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Dishwasher safe – top rack
  • UL tested
  • Patents pending
  • Pack of 3 – features three attractive color combinations