Judgment-Free Breastfeeding


A Million Reasons to Breastfeed

Reasons to Breastfeed, The Boob Group Blog

A- Attachment. Literal and emotional.

M- Melatonin. Please sleep tonight!
I- Immunity. Share those antibodies.
L- Little hand rubbing and holding.
L- Lessens those “Baby Blues”.
I- Interacting with my baby.
O- Only this little once.
N- Nutrition tailored to a tee! (more…)

Put Some Breast Milk On It

Put Some Breast Milk on It, The Boob Group Blog

We all know breast milk is the nectar of Mother Nature when it comes to our baby’s insides. Besides nutrition, it provides hydration, antibodies, immunities, and happy/sleepy hormones. Did you also know that it does so much more?

Like Gus Portokalos was convinced Windex was the cure all for ailments in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so too am I a champion of breast milk and all it can do. I’m a solid “semi” on the crunchy scale and prefer to avoid exposing unnecessary chemicals to my baby when possible. Not to mention, I have no time to be constantly making trips to the drug store. So when I went to research alternatives to things like diaper cream, antibiotic eye drops, and prescription rash ointment I quickly noticed a common theme – put some breast milk on it. (more…)

Breastfeeding in Public: A UK Perspective

Breastfeeding in Public: A UK Perspective, The Boob Group Blog

When I feed my daughter Anna in public, I often wish I could have a sign next to me which reads “This is breastmilk, I promise!”. Hopefully it is imaginary, but a little part of me thinks that people look at Anna’s bottle and wonder why I am not breastfeeding.

Other draft signs include: “She did try to latch on”, “The health visitor couldn’t get her to breastfeed either” and “At least I am feeding her”!

It might seem strange for me to want to write about breastfeeding in public. After all, I am an outsider when it comes to the whole idea. For reasons best known to my baby girl alone, I pump exclusively (she was never able to latch on) and there has never been an issue of ‘decency’ with giving a baby a bottle in public view. However, many of my fellow breastfeeders – those who do it conventionally – don’t have such an easy time when feeding out and about. If a mum cannot feel at ease providing her baby with the best food there is when and where it is needed, then surely something is wrong. And whatever is at fault, it certainly isn’t the breastfeeding! (more…)

Super Foods To Support My Milk Supply

Superfoods to Support My Milk Supply, The Boob Group Blog

I make milk. What’s your superpower?

I love this quotation – I first saw it awhile ago in this book. Breastfeeding my little nurslings makes me feel cooler than Wonder Woman. Wait. Is that possible? To be cooler than an Amazon Warrior Princess who flies an invisible jet with a lasso of truth and projectile tiara at her disposal? But I digress…

There are tons of super foods out there to help support and maintain your milk supply. Here is a quick list from reputable resources on the web to help give you a one-stop shop for finding the super foods you like best.

As always, be sure to consult with a IBCLC or other certified medical care professional to make the most informed, healthiest decisions for you and your baby. (more…)

Comforting Your Baby as a Non-Nursing Parent

Comforting Your Baby as a Non-Nursing Parent, The Boob Group Blog

Boobs are magic. You see it from the first moment you watch your child be calmed by breastfeeding. Your partner puts your baby to her breast, and there is peace again in the world. As a non-nursing parent, it can be intimidating to think about comforting your child without the magic of breastfeeding, but it is totally possible. A wonderful, connected relationship can exist between you and your child, but it does take intentional work. Don’t be intimated by your baby. She is your baby and is designed to love and connect with you just as much as with the parent who gave birth to her. (more…)