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My First Two Weeks of Nursing: Overcoming Unexpected Setbacks

The First Two Weeks of Nursing, The Boob Group Blog

I’m well into my third trimester and have been reminiscing about the birth of my first daughter. She shows no signs of weaning despite the pregnancy, and I may be heading into tandem nursing. I really don’t know what my first two weeks of nursing will be like with this new baby, but I hope it will be very different from the first time around. I cherish our labor and delivery (and wrote about our birth story here) but the first two weeks of breastfeeding were unexpectedly difficult. (more…)

Holistic Remedies That Support Lactation

The Boob Group, Holistic Practices that Support Lactation

Acupuncture and chiropractic are two ways in which a breastfeeding mom can support her own health and encourage her milk supply. What’s involved in each of these procedures? How quickly can it impact milk supply? And how can treatment improve other postpartum symptoms? (more…)