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bg_clubWe love producing great newborn breastfeeding and parenting content for you, week after week. That’s why we’ve created The Boob Group Club!

By joining our club, you’ll get access to bonus interviews after show, transcripts, special discounts and giveaways from our partners. Plus, you can interact with all this great content through the web, or through our FREE apps, available on iPhone/iPad, Android, Google Play and The Windows Phone!

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Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you’ll get as a member of The Boob Group Club.

Bonus Episode Content

Curious to know what happens after we “stop” recording? We’re keeping the mics open for five minutes after each taping. Questions and comments typically considered
“off-limits” are now front and center.

Episode Transcripts

Don’t have time to jot down notes from your favorite Preggie Pals episodes? Simply download the transcript and you’ll have all the information you need! Share with friends or bring to your next OB/GYN appointment!

Special Discounts and Giveaways

Having a baby can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if businesses always offered you discounts for your purchases, or gave you FREE pregnancy and baby products? Now, it’s possible! We’ve developed some great partnerships with companies to help save your family money!

Customized Wallpaper and Backgrounds

Do you love the cute images of moms and babies featured with each episode? Now you can easily view these images while listening to Preggie Pals episodes on your app, or save these images as wallpaper on your smartphone!