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Maximize Your Breast Pumping Sessions


Whether you are pumping to maximize your milk supply, have milk for a bottle, or exclusively pumping, there are many techniques to help maximize your pumping sessions. What type of pump is best for your situation? How can you make breast pumping more comfortable? And what are some tips and tricks for letting down more easily to increase your output?

Our Expert

Amy Watson, IBCLC

Amy is an international board certified lactation consultant with her own private practice. She’s also a mom of two, with experience both breastfeeding and pumping, so she’s experiencing many breastfeeding challenges personally. Through her practice, Amy is able to support breastfeeding moms and increase access to breastfeeding. Amy is very proud to help moms accomplish their personal breastfeeding goals.



Robin Kaplan (host)
Children: Ben (2005), Ryan (2006)

Jessica Butanda
Children: London (2011)

Maryjane Fisher
Children: Jason (2011)

Marshelle Papa
Children: Grant (2008), Maxmell and Amara (2010)

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