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Put Some Breast Milk On It

Put Some Breast Milk on It, The Boob Group Blog

We all know breast milk is the nectar of Mother Nature when it comes to our baby’s insides. Besides nutrition, it provides hydration, antibodies, immunities, and happy/sleepy hormones. Did you also know that it does so much more?

Like Gus Portokalos was convinced Windex was the cure all for ailments in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so too am I a champion of breast milk and all it can do. I’m a solid “semi” on the crunchy scale and prefer to avoid exposing unnecessary chemicals to my baby when possible. Not to mention, I have no time to be constantly making trips to the drug store. So when I went to research alternatives to things like diaper cream, antibiotic eye drops, and prescription rash ointment I quickly noticed a common theme – put some breast milk on it. (more…)

Pumping in Hotels

Pumping in Hotels, The Boob Group Blog

Pumping anywhere else but home can be a challenge, particularly when traveling. Over the winter holidays we were staying with family, but a few weeks later we flew to attend my cousin’s wedding and stayed at a hotel. That was a bit more complicated.

It depends on the hotel and their amenities, of course, so call ahead of your stay. Ask for a manager who may know a workaround and has more power to bend some rules for you if needed. (more…)

The Lost Freezer Stash

The Lost Freezer Stash, The Boob Group Blog

So, I’ve somehow accomplished what I had promised myself that I would never do again – I’ve fully depleted by freezer stash of breastmilk. I’ve completely mismanaged it and now it’s, well, it’s gone! But, I refuse to panic. No, seriously. Not panicking.

First, let me explain why I absolutely need the freezer stash. I work five days a week and at nine months the little muffin goes through a solid 15 ounces per day along with several pureed food servings. And since she’s my second one, and the oldest is still technically a toddler, there are those rare weekends when my husband and I need (yes, need) to have them babysat while we go out for dinner, hang out with friends, engage in a dose of adult conversation. (more…)

Breastfeeding in Public: A UK Perspective

Breastfeeding in Public: A UK Perspective, The Boob Group Blog

When I feed my daughter Anna in public, I often wish I could have a sign next to me which reads “This is breastmilk, I promise!”. Hopefully it is imaginary, but a little part of me thinks that people look at Anna’s bottle and wonder why I am not breastfeeding.

Other draft signs include: “She did try to latch on”, “The health visitor couldn’t get her to breastfeed either” and “At least I am feeding her”!

It might seem strange for me to want to write about breastfeeding in public. After all, I am an outsider when it comes to the whole idea. For reasons best known to my baby girl alone, I pump exclusively (she was never able to latch on) and there has never been an issue of ‘decency’ with giving a baby a bottle in public view. However, many of my fellow breastfeeders – those who do it conventionally – don’t have such an easy time when feeding out and about. If a mum cannot feel at ease providing her baby with the best food there is when and where it is needed, then surely something is wrong. And whatever is at fault, it certainly isn’t the breastfeeding! (more…)

Pumping At Work: What Makes A Great Mothering Room?

Pumping at Work: What Makes a Great Mothering Room? The Boob Group Blog

I am a small cog in a big company cubicle farm with several hundred employees. Before I started my maternity leave, I didn’t much consider what I’d do after I returned. I had always planned to pump while my little one was at daycare, but I hadn’t considered the logistics. I was too preoccupied with how I was going to birth a human being from my loins to consider flange sizes and pumping bras. A Mothering Room (or Lactation Room), I learned, was where I’d be pumping while at work. (more…)