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Breastfeeding Expectations: The Eighth Month


From the Series: Breastfeeding Expectations

We continue our series, Breastfeeding Expectations, where we follow three breastfeeding moms through the children’s first year of life. At eight months, how do you deal with a distracted baby? Does a constantly distracted baby mean the baby is weaning herself from the breast? Plus, the challenges of pumping in the workplace. Do you feel boobytrapped?

Our Expert

Robin Kaplan, IBCLC. M.Ed

Robin Kaplan is a international board certified lactation consultant and owner of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center. Throughout the week, she helps breastfeeding mothers during in-home lactation consultations, her clinic and free weekly support group, and prenatal breastfeeding classes. In addition to writing a weekly blog about breastfeeding and parenting, Robin is also the co-editor of the International Lactation Consultant Association blog, Lactation Matters  and a monthly contributor for the Natural Kidz blog. Robin lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, Jason, their two sons, Benjamin and Ryan, and their dog, Tilly. She has a love of cooking, traveling, hiking, going to the beach, social media, and teaching.


Anney Hall
Children: Eleanor (2012)

Cherri Christiansen
Children: Cali (2012)

Jennifer Oliver
Children: Fiona (2009), Bryson (2012)

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