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Breastfeeding After Previous Low Milk Supply


When a mother experiences a chronic low milk supply with one of her babies, she may wonder what she could do the next time around to have a greater milk supply. What are some possible causes of low milk supply? What are some recommended ways to increase supply? And how do you handle the constant worry and possibility of not being able to provide enough milk for your little one?

Our Expert

Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, FILCA

Solving breastfeeding mysteries has always been a passion for Lisa, who is known for her inquisitiveness and tenacity. Her specialization in milk production was born when, after a resurgence in scheduled feeding began to sabotage unwitting mother’s milk supplies, she discovered that there was no comprehensive, referenced source to explain milk production to parents. The process of researching and writing such a document laid the foundation upon which her later work was built. Lisa also personally experienced a mysterious loss of milk supply with her fourth child, the cause of which only became clear to her years later as her research into milk production issues deepened. As a result of her own experience, she has great empathy for her clients and a renewed desire to understand the mysterious and difficult.


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